Authors submitting to the International Semantic Web Conference 2017 can also submit their data and code to Springer Nature’s pilot Data Support Services.

These services provide:
  • Secure and private submission to the figshare repository
  • Curation and managed public release of datasets and code
  • A way to save time spent on data archiving
  • Greater potential for reuse and citation of your research

For more information go to or contact

We will now ask you some questions about your research data.
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If your data relate (in part or in whole) to human research participants or are sensitive in some other way, it may not be appropriate to make them openly available with our Data Support Services.  

If you are interested to discuss other options for sharing human or sensitive research data please contact the Research Data Support Helpdesk for advice:
If the combined size of your data is more than 50Gb our Data Support Services may be able to help you but we request that you contact our Research Data Support Helpdesk before submitting your files:
Based on your answers, the Data Support Services can help you make your data and code more discoverable. 

The services involve you uploading your data files to our figshare repository, followed by our Research Data Editors carrying out checks and metadata enhancements. Data are stored privately and securely until you advise they should be published.

Click 'Visit Submission System' below to submit your data. On the first page please select the option ‘Deposition only’ and remember to enter the Conference name/ID: semweb.

If you need more information or have further questions before proceeding please contact the Research Data Support Helpdesk: